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img_soil01This Soil Enhancement Products are mainly combining the products of two companies, namely Soil Work LLC of South Dakota and High Brix Manufacturing of Alberta. Genesis Soil Rite Calcium is an organic calcium product of Soil Works LLC, and is a proprietary blend of all natural herbs and spices, and contains a (-) based calcium which aids in your natural soil-building program. GSR has decreased salts, allowing beneficial bacteria to reproduce at the rate nature intended, also unlocking minerals that will now be available to your plants. This (-) based calcium can increase foliar absorption of nutrients to the feeder roots. By lowering the conductivity of the soil and thus allowing phosphorus uptake which increases the sugar content of the plant. This increases the plant’s energy which allows foliar absorption of nutrients as well as increases soil nutrient uptake. GSR has consistently shown positive results in all prior tests regarding:

  • Decreased soil compaction
  • Decreased plow-pan
  • Decreased hardpan
  • Decrease of excess phosphorus
  • Decreased sodium content topsoil
  • Increase in oxygen content in aerobic soil
  • Increase in beneficial bacteria activity
  • Natural balancing of nutrients in aerobic zone
  • Natural deepening of aerobic zone where physically possible

img_soil02Unlike any product currently on the market, Genesis Soil Rite Calcium is designed to attack and correct the cause of the problem rather than reacting only to the symptoms. Throughout the world, we stand confident in knowing that the addition of calcium is the only solution to a wide source of soil problems, including fungi, weeds, insects, pH, drought and plant sugars in your plants. The growth, health and productivity of all plants is determined by the balance and interaction of many nutrients, calcium’s role is to use its electrical power to assist other minerals for an overall healthy soil that produces quality food. Grams per acre are solving the same problems that will take 100’s of pounds of other calcium products, and in a shorter period of time. The same is true for the phosphorus products. With high grade purer products, it takes a lot less product to achieve the same outcome but in a shorter period of time. There is also less residual which is good for the environment.

img_soil03High Brix Manufacturing is a privately owned company that was formed to blend and develop high quality phosphate products. The focus of the program and product line is to increase the nutrient density of food. With research and theories based in the Biological ionization of Dr. Carey Reams, the process consists of several important steps to flocculate soil, re-establish microbial life and function and ensure homogenized energy flow in the soil. Use of clean minerals, free from excess salts, heavy metals and unneeded fillers is a key component to product selection and development. All our products have been formulated and blended to ensure the end product is efficient, biologically friendly and contains no unneeded minerals or additives.

In partnership with Soil Works LLC from Yankton South Dakota, a manufacturer of superior calcium product that meets and exceeded the about criteria, is a perfect match to our phosphate products in meeting the goals of soil flocculation, increased plant health and superior food quality.