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Medical Marijuana – U.S.A.

Maple Leaf owns a 20 acres property in Southern California two greenhouses for future development.



  • Maple Leaf has signed a LOI with Bio-Neva to purchase a cultivation permit allowing for 33,500 sq ft growing facility in the City of Henderson, 15 miles from Las Vegas. Maple Leaf has bought 4 acres of vacant industrial land to build a new state of art growing facility.
  • Maple Leaf is in the process of transfer the permit from Bio-Neva ‘s old site to the new site just bought by the Company.
  • Construction on the new site will be started as soon as the permit transfer is accepted by the City of Henderson.



  • Strength in history, adaptive, knowledgeable, and innovative.
  • Key people in key positions: Business development, Chief Grower with 30 years of Growing experience, Quality Assurance and Security.


  • Safe, Effective, potency levels known and quality transparency.
  • Strengthen by Quality Assurance.


  • Our experience and knowledge separate us from our competitors.
  • It is Green and Environmentally Friendly.
  • Our innovative strategies makes logistic and distribution more cost effective, safe and secure.

Management Team

Member profiles can be viewed here.