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Medical Marijuana – U.S.A.



  • Currently retain two key personnel with extensive Cannabis experience and connections to start up a growing operation in  the US.
  • MGW has engaged a well-known Cannabis lawyer in California to obtain all the necessary licensing and set up a corporate structure to  run the operation.
  • The non-profit Collective which we have partnered and operate the facility with has been properly formed and organized as requested by  applicable law in the State of California to supply its  membership with marijuana for medical purposes.
  • Two separate partnership agreements (leasing and consulting) have been signed with the Collective.
  • Maple Leaf has purchased a 20 acres property in Southern California and built two greenhouses.


  • Maple Leaf has signed a LOI with Bio-Neva to purchase a cultivation permit allowing for 33,500 sq ft growing facility in the City of Henderson, 15 miles from Las Vegas. Maple Leaf has bought 4 acres of vacant industrial land to build a new state of art growing facility.
  • Maple Leaf is in the process of transfer the permit from Bio-Neva ‘s old site to the new site just bought by the Company.
  • Construction on the new site will be started as soon as the permit transfer is accepted by the City of Henderson.



  • Strength in history, adaptive, knowledgeable, and innovative.
  • Key people in key positions: Business development, Chief Grower with 30 years of Growing experience, Quality Assurance and Security.


  • Safe, Effective, potency levels known and quality transparency.
  • Strengthen by Quality Assurance.


  • Our experience and knowledge separate us from our competitors.
  • It is Green and Environmentally Friendly.
  • Our innovative strategies makes logistic and distribution more cost effective, safe and secure.

Management Team

Member profiles can be viewed here.