Medical Marijuana – Canada

A.  Background


  • Medical marijuana is currently legal in 20 U.S. states and several  other states are considering both medical and recreational legalization  of marijuana. This provides an opportunity for quality Canadian  growers to expand south.
  • Maple Leaf is well positioned to capture this opportunity due to  knowledge and years of experience of its personnel.

B.  Business Strategy

  • Acquire requisite licenses and well equipped facilities in both Canada and U.S.A. with capacity to produce 20,000 KG MJ a year.
  • Grow pesticide-free, top-grade marijuana from contamination-free soil through strong quality assurance program.
  • Develop new cultivation methods in order to reduce cost and increase production.
  • Develop new strains that have higher cannabidiol (CBD) than THC.
  • Become a commercial supplier of propagules (seeds and cuttings) with high CBD to other growers, thus provide a second source of   revenue for the company.
  • Emphasize quality and non-contaminated MJ for Cannabis Oil production which can be used for medical purposes.

C.  Chief Grower

Mr. Joe Wong has been appointed as the Vice President of Operations, to spearhead the Medical Marijuana Project. His credential includes:

  • A highly experienced horticulturist, resident of B.C., and has spent the last 30 years improving nursery production systems and greenhouse systems and growing quality seedlings in the field as bare-root and “in containers”.
  • Began his agriculture nursery career with the B.C. Ministry of Forests in 1978. In 1985, Mr. Wong started Woodmere Nursery. He  managed the design and construction of a greenhouse facility with initial crop production of 2.5 million containerized seedlings per  year and has now increased these operations to growing 12 million seedlings annually.
  • Extensive experience assisting field silviculturists in improving reforestation success from seed collection to planting through  implementation of research trials and analysis of plantation failures.
  • Reduced costs for silviculture programs by reducing the usage of seeds, growing crops with less energy and reducing the time to grow certain species.
  • Involved throughout his career in genetic improvement and research on the benefits of ectomycorrhizae symbiotic relationships in  reforestation and afforestation.
  • Led by him, Woodmere Nursery has won the prestigious Northern Forest Innovator’s Award for its research into improving germination of subalpine fir trees (Abies lasiocarpa).

D.    Growing Facility

  • Maple Leaf has signed an agreement to lease with Woodmere Nursery Ltd. for 80,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space for 3 years to grow 7,000 KG of medical marijuana a year, with a purchase option for the entire 7 acre (300,000 sq. ft.) facility, upon receipt by the Company of conditional approval of an MMPR License from Health Canada.
  • Woodmere has been a private operator for almost 30 years of greenhouse facilities in Telkwa, B.C., approximately 11 kms southeast of   Smithers and 350 kms east of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, along CN’s Jasper to Prince Rupert rail line.
  • The lease terms will also provide the company access to Woodmere’s equipment and laboratory for the purpose of growing medical marijuana.

Woodmere Facilities’ Characteristics (

  • 300,000 sq. ft. computerized greenhouses complex
  • Isolation for location security with basic security system in place
  • Greenhouse complex allows customization of growing regimes & cropping cycles
  • Artificial lighting already in place
  • 80,000 sq. ft. greenhouse with blackout curtain
  • Water source is optimum for plant growth
  • Well-equipped laboratory for quality assurance 13,000 sq. ft. cold storage

E.    Current Status


  • Creation of ACMPR Advisory Committee, Mr. Ivan Ross Vrána was appointed as the ACMPR Advisory Committee’s first member.
  • Local Telkwa community and government are very supportive of the operation.
  • MMPR application has been submitted to Health Canada in August  2014.
  • We are currently at Stage 5 – Review stage
  • 2015 have recently removed  and Asian based director to speed clearance and anticipate Stage 5 shortly.



  • Strength in history, adaptive, knowledgeable and innovative (greenhouse growing verses warehouse.
  • Key people in key positions: Business development, Chief Grower with 30 years of Growing experience, Quality Assurance and Security


  • Safe, Effective, potency levels known and quality transparency.
  • Strengthen by Quality Assurance


  • Our experience and knowledge separate us from our competitors.
  •   It is Green and Environmentally Friendly.
  • Our innovative strategies makes logistic and distribution more cost effective, safe and secure

Quick Start-up

  • Once the company receives a license, either Cold Frame is ready to build or existing green house is ready to upgrade with top notch  security system and start production immediately due to existing facility and knowledge.

Management Team

Member profiles can be viewed here.