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Board of Directors and Management

Canada Operation

Raymond Lai, CMA, B.Com

Chairman of the Board, President/CEO and Director

Mr. Raymond Lai holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree received from the University of Calgary in 1975, and has been a registered member of the Certified Management Accountant Society (CMA) for over 25 years. Mr. Lai has been a successful key Executive for public companies in the manufacturing, mining and packaging industries for over 10 years, and has been instrumental in securing public and private Corporate Financing both domestic and international.

Joe Wong, M.Sc. B.Sc. Dip. BCIT

Director and Vice President of Operation

Mr. Joe Wong has been appointed as the Vice President of Operations, to spearhead the Medical Marijuana Project. His credential includes:
  • A highly experienced horticulturist, resident of B.C., and has spent the last 30 years improving nursery production systems and greenhouse systems and growing quality seedlings in the field as bare-root and “in containers”.
  • Began his agriculture nursery career with the B.C. Ministry of Forests in 1978. In 1985, Mr. Wong started Woodmere Nursery. He managed the design and construction of a greenhouse facility with initial crop production of 2.5 million containerized seedlings per year and has now increased these operations to growing 12 million seedlings annually.
  • Extensive experience assisting field silviculturists in improving reforestation success from seed collection to planting through implementation of research trials and analysis of plantation failures.
  • Reduced costs for silviculture programs by reducing the usage of seeds, growing crops with less energy and reducing the time to grow certain species.
  • Involved throughout his career in genetic improvement and research on the benefits of ectomycorrhizae symbiotic relationships in reforestation and afforestation.
  • Led by him, Woodmere Nursery has won the prestigious Northern Forest Innovator’s Award for its research into improving germination of subalpine fir trees (Abies lasiocarpa).

Greg Moline, B.Com.


Mr. Greg Moline, President and CEO of High Brix Manufacturing Inc. based in Leduc, Alberta. For the past thirty two year. Mr. Moline has been very successful managing and operating two uniquely diverse businesses. He started his own construction company in Edmonton and has operated it successfully for twenty five years. Because of his roots in farming, Mr. Moline became involved with a soil- testing laboratory which led him to a new world of soil & plant health discoveries. With such knowledge on hand, Mr. Moline has spent the past seven years in manufacturing, distributing and educating farmers in various parts of the world on the revolutionary science in agriculture.

Daniel Chu, CA, B. Com.

Director and Chief Financial Officer

Terence Lam, RPA

Director, Secretary and Treasurer

Najibullah Alizada (Naj Zada)


Najibullah “Naj” Alizada is joining the Board of Directors with over 16 years of technology, sales, and marketing experience. As current President of Instalogic Inc., Naj oversees the operations, development, and marketing of the organization, including overseeing more than 200 custom projects and over 500 ongoing service accounts. Mr Naj readily identifies strategic markets and opportunities for Instalogic, leading to unique cutting-edge projects such as InstaTable Inc. (restaurant reservations application and technology), IQuRe Inc. (charitable donations application and technology), and SoftAlive Inc. (internal complete project management software technology.) His vision, expertise, and focus on growth have fostered his organization’s expansion and success.

Ken Zhao

Vice President – China Operation

US Operations

Bill Monroe

Manager of Nevada operation

Has been involved in the cannabis industry for the past eight years and over this time, he has developed excellent connections in Nevada for the distribution and sale of cannabis products.  He is also a national board member of the National Council of the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

Ken Suydam

Corporate Technology Officer

Ken Suydam was Master Grower at Dystinctively Different Herb Co. LLC of Lakewood, Colorado from 2014. Dystinctively won the Cultivated 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup, also placing 2nd Place in Hybrid & 2nd Place Indica Flowers. Dystinctively also placed in Cultivated 6 flavors for 1st Place Rosin entry & award at Chalice 2015 with Essential Extracts (The first Rosin award ever given out in the United States). Mr. Suydam was Cultivation Facility Construction & Grow Consultant at The Proving Grounds LLC of Santa Ysabel, California, and prior to that Harvest & Cultivation Manager at Cannables LLC of Littleton, Colorado